Andover town centre Andover is in the north of the West Hampshire area.

Mid Hampshire Healthcare (a GP Federation which covers this area) was created to enhance the delivery of healthcare services to over 213,000 patients within our local area. 18 GP practices came together with the same aim. To improve and create community based services that are of a high quality, efficient, convenient, reliable and safe.

Practices include:

Andover Health Centre

Charlton Hill Surgery

The Adelaide Medical Centre

Shepherds Spring Medical Centre

St Mary’s Surgery

Two Rivers Medical Partnership (also known as Whitchurch Surgery and Derrydown Clinic)

Facts and figures

In this area there are approximately 55,633 registered patients and around 30 GPs.  Key health issues include depression, access to GP appointments within two working days and obesity.

Patient Groups

Each practice will have some form of patient group. Some have groups that meet regularly and some have a list that they contact when they have a survey to complete or want feedback. If you would like to find out more about patient groups at your surgery please do visit their website through the links above.

Key documents

Mid Hampshire locality plan

Health inequalities Andover Alamein Ward