Care Homes

This folder contains resources to help improve and support the safe use of medicines in care homes across west Hampshire.

National guidelines to help support care homes in the use and management of medicines are included and specific local guidance sheets have been produced on various useful topics to encourage good practice and learning.

Three supporting audits are included for care homes to use every quarter to ensure their care home policy is being followed correctly.


Resources for care home teams and other healthcare professionals to promote the effective use of dressings. They have been developed in conjunction with the wound formulary sub-group of the Basingstoke, Southampton and Winchester District Prescribing Committee and the Tissue Viability Nurses from Southern Health Foundation Trust.


National Guidelines

Care Home Use of Medicines Study or CHUMS

The Care Homes Use of Medicines Study was designed firstly to establish the prevalence, types and underlying causes of medication errors in residential and nursing homes, and assess the ensuing harm. Secondly the findings were used to develop solutions to reduce the prevalence of error.


The Care Quality Commission (CQC) have provided some additional information and guidance regarding medicines information for adult social care.


Managing medicines in care homes NICE guideline

This guideline covers good practice for managing medicines in care homes. It aims to promote the safe and effective use of medicines in care homes by advising on processes for prescribing, handling and administering medicines. It also recommends how care and services relating to medicines should be provided to people living in care homes.


Quality standards to help underpin the NICE guidance

This quality standard covers the prescribing, handling and administering of medicines for all people (including adults, children and young people) living in care homes, and the provision of care or services relating to medicines to those people.



Nutrition and hydration resources for care home teams and other healthcare professionals to promote excellent nutrition and hydration care in the care home setting Nutrition