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Format Status Title Description Size Download
pdf Current 02-11A A3131 _Expenditure_Over_Threshold_May 2019.pdf 393KB Download
pdf Current 01-11A A3131 _Expenditure_Over_Threshold_April 2019.pdf 307KB Download
pdf Current 03-11A A3131 _Expenditure_Over_Threshold_June 2019.pdf 308KB Download
pdf Current 04-11A A3131 _Expenditure_Over_Threshold_July 2019.pdf 345KB Download
pdf Current 05-11A A3131 _Expenditure_Over_Threshold_August 2019.pdf 343KB Download
pdf Current 06-11A A3131 _Expenditure_Over_Threshold_September 2019.pdf 385KB Download
xlsx Current 06-11A A3131 _Expenditure_Over_Threshold_September 2019.xlsx 62KB Download
xlsx Current 01-11A A3131 _Expenditure_Over_Threshold_April 2019.xlsx 52KB Download
xlsx Current 05-11A A3131 _Expenditure_Over_Threshold_August 2019.xlsx 57KB Download
xlsx Current 07-11A A3131 _Expenditure_Over_Threshold_October 2019.xlsx 57KB Download
xlsx Current 03-11A A3131 _Expenditure_Over_Threshold_June 2019.xlsx 52KB Download
xlsx Current 02-11A A3131 _Expenditure_Over_Threshold_May 2019.xlsx 61KB Download
xlsx Current 04-11A A3131 _Expenditure_Over_Threshold_July 2019.xlsx 56KB Download
pdf Current 07-11A A3131 _Expenditure_Over_Threshold_October 2019.pdf 341KB Download
xlsx Current 08-11A A3131 _Expenditure_Over_Threshold_November 2019.xlsx 61KB Download
pdf Current 08-11A A3131 _Expenditure_Over_Threshold_November 2019.pdf 429KB Download
pdf Current 09-11A A3131 _Expenditure_Over_Threshold_December 2019.pdf 418KB Download
xlsx Current 09-11A A3131 _Expenditure_Over_Threshold_December 2019.xlsx 61KB Download