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Format Status Title Description Size Download
pdf Current Agenda for the West Hampshire CCG Board meeting held on 28 November 2019.pdf 43KB Download
pdf Current WHCCG19-108 - Declaration of Board Members Interests (November 2019).pdf 80KB Download
pdf Current WHCCG19-109 - Minutes of Last Meeting held on 26 September 2019.pdf 278KB Download
pdf Current WHCCG19-110 - Integrated Performance Report (November 2019).pdf 472KB Download
pdf Current WHCCG19-110A - Month 7 Finance Report 2019-20.pdf 2MB Download
pdf Current WHCCG19-110B - Performance Report (November 2019).pdf 822KB Download
pdf Current WHCCG19-110C - North and Mid Hampshire ICP Quality Partnership Committee.pdf 447KB Download
pdf Current WHCCG19-111 - NHS Continuing Healthcare and Learning Disability Highlight Report (November 2019).pdf 782KB Download
pdf Current WHCCG19-112 - Mental Health Highlight Report (November 2019).pdf 480KB Download
pdf Current WHCCG19-113 - Maternity and Children’s Collaborative Commissioning Report (November 2019).pdf 332KB Download
pdf Current WHCCG19-114 - Local Delivery Systems Report (November 2019).pdf 624KB Download
pdf Current WHCCG19-115 - Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR) Annual Assurance Report 2019.pdf 104KB Download
pdf Current WHCCG19-116 - Board Assurance Framework (November 2019).pdf 493KB Download
pdf Current WHCCG19-117 - Corporate Governance Update (November 2019).pdf 598KB Download
pdf Current WHCCG19-118 - Committees of the West Hampshire CCG Board.pdf 752KB Download