Get involved

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It is very important to us that we involve local people and patients in designing service changes from the very outset. We cannot make assumptions about what they may want or what is important to them. We need to listen to what they have to say and act on it wherever possible.  This is why it is vital to our work for local people to get involved and have their say on our plans for the future of healthcare in west Hampshire.

You can help us by:

  • Sharing your experiences of healthcare and advise where we could do things better
  • Be a ‘critical friend’, someone who provides honest and often candid feedback that may be uncomfortable or difficult to hear. Someone who agrees to speak truthfully, but constructively, about weaknesses, problems, and emotionally charged issues.
  • Give a patients view of proposals and highlight any local issues we may not be aware of

There are several ways you can help us by getting involved in our plans: