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Future Planning documents now available 

Often in a crisis, the clinical teams caring for someone have little, if any, information about a patient or their wishes.

If you have a patient with a chronic medical condition, or any condition which may suddenly worsen and lead to an acute illness and the need for urgent support, then the Future Planning template can help. Developed in conjunction with GPs, palliative care, CCG and EoL leads from across Hampshire, it ensures key medical information and your patient’s wishes are recorded for other medical professionals to see in an emergency. This can include information on specific conditions and their wishes relating to their care as well as named contacts should they fall ill.

Using codes from the SCCI 1580 Palliative Care dataset 2012 and EoL dataset 2018, the template replaces the old paper AACP and Adastra ePaCCS. The template takes very little time to complete with a key aim being to help guide clinicians in what to think about for patients with different prognoses throughout their journey. Having those conversations can be difficult, both for the patient and the clinician so the Future Planning: My Wishes leaflet has also been developed alongside the template to help start those conversations and train of thought.

The templates are available on EMISWeb and SystemONE and are constantly updated to take into account new features and feedback. The latest version (v3.1) has added the DNACPR code with the next version hoping to add anticipatory prescribing. Full user guides are available online.

As well as helping patients and clinicians, Future Planning aids a practice to achieve at least one RCGP Daffodil Standard and, once implemented, the data gained can also inform EoL QI work. With Anticipatory Care looking likely to be added to either the baseline GP contract or QOF next year, implementing Future Planning within your practice will ensure you have a good start on your Treatment Escalation Planning in 2020-21.

To find out more, including how to order documents, view user guides and other resources, visit the Future Planning Website or the Future Planning webpages at Southern Health

You can also view an FAQ document below:

FAQs - future planning[docx] 17KB

For a more in depth conversation about Future Planning and how to implement it in your practice contact Dr Steve Plenderleith on the details below:

Dr Steve Plenderleith, Consultant in Palliative Medicine

Email: steve.plenderleith@southernhealth.nhs.uk

Dr Charlie Besley, WHCCG Locality Clinical Director, said, “GPs across the New Forest, Totton & Waterside are familiar with ‘Future Planning’. Dr Steve Plenderleith and the team have done a great job in developing the Future Planning Template which integrates with EMIS & TPP. It enables information to be prompted, properly recorded, Read coded​, and then uploaded to the Summary Care Record (SCR) and the Care and Health Info Exchange (CHIE), which should be accessible to the ambulance service, out-of-hour primary care services, and secondary care as needed. This means that we don’t have to fax copies of documents elsewhere, and a paper copy can be printed out for patients to keep in their homes if needed.”