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Dementia: Getting advice in Hampshire

Worried about your memory, or concerned about memory problems in loved ones?

As you get older becoming more forgetful is common. You might find you are losing things more often, becoming confused occasionally or struggle making yourself understood. It can be hard to decide if this is part of growing older or if you need to be concerned about a possible diagnosis of dementia.    

Taking the first steps to deal with memory concerns can be hard, even if your concerns are not for you, but for a spouse or parent. In Hampshire your GP can always help with memory concerns and you can also speak to a Dementia Advisers, whatever your concerns about memory. The NHS provides specialist Mental Health services for older people who may be diagnosed with dementia.        

Practical steps you might take to deal with a memory concern are:

  • Seek information:  If you prefer to receive printed information, contact the local Alzheimer’s Society or Age UK or look on-line.
  • Contact your local dementia adviser service team (details below).
  • Highlight the memory issues and problems to your GP, they can perform a short test and make a further plan depending upon the results.

If you are concerned about a spouse or parent and they are reluctant to seek help you could:

  • Suggest an appointment for an NHS health check, a dementia test is now included in the health check
  • You can emphasise that, rather than hindering their independence, a diagnosis and care services can increase their quality of life and allow them to live at home comfortably.

If you or your loved one is diagnosed with dementia, you can live well with the right help and support at the right time. A timely diagnosed will give you the opportunity to plan to live well today and prepare for the future. In Hampshire the dementia adviser service can help you and those close to you to understand more about your diagnosis, access support and help you plan for the future. For more information about getting a diagnosis visit

Dementia Advisers in your local area can be contacted as below:

Alton, Basingstoke and Deane, Eastleigh, Hart, Romsey, Rushmoor, Test Valley, Winchester

Phone 01264 353363 (services provided by Andover Mind)



Bordon, Fareham, Gosport, Havant, New Forest, Petersfield

Phone 02392 892034 (services provided by the Alzheimer's Society)


The Alzheimer’s Society also offers information through their National website and local helplines:

  • National Dementia Helpline 0300 222 1122
  • Eastleigh Office 02380 610159
  • Basingstoke Office 01526 479923
  • Portsmouth 02392 892035