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Flash monitor for people with diabetes

A new glucose monitoring device is now available for people with diabetes who are registered with a GP in the area served by West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group.
FreeStyle Libre, a ‘flash monitor’, has been approved for people with Type 1 diabetes and for pregnant women who have either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes and meet certain criteria .

People have to be referred by a consultant-led service, such as the community diabetes service, which will help them get the most out of the monitor and ensure it meets their needs.

GPs will be asked to take over responsibility for ongoing prescribing in the same way as for conventional blood glucose test strips.  

Dr Emma Harris, Clinical Director – Prescribing at West Hampshire CCG, said: “We recognise this will play an important role in people’s management and care of their diabetes.”

FreeStyle Libre reads glucose levels through a sensor on the arm avoiding the need for finger pricks.  It does not give alerts when glucose levels fall too low but does allow people to review changing sugar levels throughout the day and night.

Dr Nicola Trevelyan, Consultant Paediatrician at Southampton Children’s Hospital, said: “Living with diabetes can be extremely challenging at any stage of life and none more so than during childhood.

“Many of our patients and their families work extremely hard to control their diabetes.  

“New technologies, such as the Libre flash glucose monitoring, can help hugely with the day to day burden of managing diabetes for these families.”

She added: “We are delighted that local commissioners have supported us in being able to provide this innovative technology for our patients.”

Dr Hermione Price, Consultant Diabetologist at Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Freestyle Libre represents a huge step forward in helping people living with diabetes to monitor their glucose levels in a quick, easy and painless way.  We are delighted that our local commissioners are supporting us to make this technology available for our population.  We are looking forward to working with people with diabetes to make the most of this new technology.”

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