Health and wellbeing events for people with cancer: your views sought | News

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Health and wellbeing events for people with cancer: your views sought

People who are living with cancer are being asked to give their views on the Health and Wellbeing Events that are run as part of the Macmillan Recovery Package, and are being rolled out locally.

NHS West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) wants to learn if people have been offered the chance to take part in these events.

The CCG also wants to find out what may prevent people from taking part.

The CCG has launched an online survey to collect people’s views. Click here.

•    The Macmillan Recovery Package includes Health and Wellbeing Events – which provide education and support, including information on work and finance, healthy lifestyle and physical activity.

Dr Sean Watters, the CCG’s Clinical Director for Planned Care, said: “We would really like to hear from people who have had a cancer diagnosis. We’d like to know if they have received information about any kind of course or Health and Wellbeing Event.

“In our experience some people may not have received an invitation while others decide it’s not for them.  We want to hear from people who are living with a cancer diagnosis to learn more about what works for them.”

The Macmillan Recovery Package also covers:
•    Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA) and care planning at key points of care
•    Treatment Summary completed at the end of each treatment phase and sent to the patient and GP
•    Cancer Care Review completed by the GP or practice nurse to discuss the person’s needs.