Improving Hampshire Wheelchair School Clinics for local people | News

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Improving Hampshire Wheelchair School Clinics for local people

All parents and carers whose child or children attend Wheelchair Clinics in Hampshire schools are being asked to share their views in order to shape the review of the service. 

NHS West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is working on behalf of the five CCGs across Hampshire, who commissions the Hampshire wheelchair service; we are undertaking a review of the Wheelchair Service Clinics in Hampshire schools.  In order to understand what could be improved.

Jenny Erwin, Director of Commissioning said: “We are reviewing the service to identify if any changes should be made in the way the service works to improve the quality of care and the experience of individuals using the Hampshire Wheelchair Service; we are keen to hear the views of local people using the service.”

No changes to services will be made during the period of this review.

Millbrook Healthcare manage the day-to-day running of the service, on behalf of the local commissioning collaborative group.

Annette Cairns, Director of Wheelchair Services for Millbrook Healthcare said: “Our service is built around the needs and requirements of service users, their families and carers. Understanding current experiences of school clinics help us to strengthen our service, making it as efficient as possible.”

“I hope families and carers take the time to complete the survey and I look forward to working with the local commissioning collaborate group to embed suggestions and ideas.”

The survey will be online until Friday 27 July and can be completed here