New service to diagnose adults with autism and ADHD | News

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New service to diagnose adults with autism and ADHD

A new NHS service has been launched in Hampshire to diagnose and support adults with autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Many people are never diagnosed with the conditions in childhood but as they get older realise they find some things difficult or are especially good at others.

Getting a diagnosis of autism (which includes Asperger syndrome) or ADHD can be a really positive step. 

Dr Katrina Webster, a local GP and Clinical Director of Mental Health and Learning Disability at NHS West Hampshire CCG, said:

“A lot of people out there may be struggling and are going to their GP not knowing there is a service that can support them.

“This service which will assess, diagnose and support people over 18 so they can understand and live well.”

The Hampshire Autism and ADHD services are run by Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and offer one-to-one support, both before and after diagnosis.  

Support involves setting goals, helping people get the right help from the right place and supporting people on medication where needed.

Anyone who thinks they have specific difficulties but are unsure of why should speak to their GP.  A firm diagnosis can be a relief and help them learn about and understand their condition.

NHS West Hampshire CCG has commissioned the new service with other local CCGs.  

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