NHS team awarded place on top quality fellowship programme | News

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NHS team awarded place on top quality fellowship programme

A team aiming to improve the quality of end of life care in mid-Hampshire has been awarded a place on the highly regarded fellowship programme.

As a result of their determination to improve the quality of service received by patients who may be reaching the terminal phase of their condition, a team comprising of several health organisations in West Hampshire have gained a placed on the NHS Heath Education England Team based Quality Improvement Fellowship programme.

By working together, colleagues from NHS West Hampshire CCG, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and the Hampshire Continuing Healthcare (CHC) team developed a model designed to speed up the process of receiving End of Life care for patients in their terminal phase. Additional healthcare assistants were employed and trained to support people reaching the end of their lives are supported in their preferred place of care, which could be their own home or a care home.

Before this new model of services began, less than 25% of people from the Winchester and Andover area, who qualified for CHC fast track funding and wanted to be discharged from hospital to die at their place of choice, achieved this. Within just two months of launching the new model of service, 91% of these patients are able to die in their place of choice.

Having gained a place on this fellowship programme, the team now receive twelve months of support from NHS Health Education England. They will learn more about improving the quality of services for patients, the methods and skills required to achieve this, develop further as a team and improve collaboration with other organisations.

Dr Sarah Schofield, Chairman of NHS West Hampshire CCG, said:

“The team’s place on the programme is well-deserved. I’m pleased that they will be able to use what they learn as part of this fellowship to make even more improvements to the quality of services our patients receive, particularly at this difficult terminal stage of a condition.

“It’s also important that families and the support network around a patient are central to the decisions which are made by health and care services. This is very much at the heart of the project which will be further supported by the fellowship programme.

“I would very much like to see projects such as this, which aims to support nursing homes in end of life care, to be rolled out across the whole area”

For further information on the Team Based Quality Improvement Fellowship, please visit www.hee.nhs.uk/hee-your-area/wessex