NHS E-referrals

NHS E-Referrals (previously Choose and Book) is a service that lets you choose your hospital or clinic and book your first appointment.

When you and your GP agree that you need an appointment, you can choose which hospital or clinic you go to. You will also be able to choose the date and time of your appointment.

What does NHS E-Referrals mean for me?

As well as giving you a choice of hospital, date and time for your appointment, NHS E-Referrals will also give you the ability to:

  • plan and manage around your existing appointments, if you are currently undergoing treatment fit your treatment in with your other commitments, at home and at work
  • choose appointments that fit with your carer's schedule check the status of your referral and to change or cancel your appointments easily over the phone or online.

For more information about NHS E-Referrals, please visit the NHS Choices website.