What is a PPG?


Patient Participation Groups or PPGs are GP practice based patient groups, which work in partnership with their practices to:

• Help patients to take more responsibility for their health;
• Contribute to the continuous improvement of services and quality of care;
• Develop communication between the practice and its patients; and
• Provide practical support for the practice and help to implement change

The National Association for Patient Participation works to promote and support patient involvement in GP practices. They have a website which may be useful if you are thinking of joining your local PPG.

PPGWest Hampshire PPG network

The CCG runs a network of PPGs across west Hampshire.  The network meets twice a year on a Saturday morning to share ideas and learn from each other.  We have speakers from partner organisations such as Healthwatch Hampshire and Patient Voice and run workshops to help PPGs to support their GP practices.




PPG meeting reports

PPG post event report June 2019.docx [docx] 81KB

November 2018 PPG post event report.docx [docx] 81KB

June 2018 PPG post event report.docx [docx] 81KB

November 2017 PPG post event report.docx [docx] 80KB

June 2017 PPG post event report.docx [docx] 80KB