Protect yourself from flu

The best way to help protect yourself from flu is to get vaccinated – click here to check if you are eligible for free flu vaccine.

The flu vaccine is free for pregnant women, those aged 65+, and those with underlying health conditions.

You can find out more from your GP or local pharmacy #helpushelpyou
Flu can be serious and is different to the common cold. Ask your GP or pharmacy about it.

Vaccine Eligibility

Young children
Children aged 2 or 3 can get a free flu nasal spray vaccination.

Flu can be horrible for little children. The free nasal spray is the best way to protect children from flu. 

Do you have children in reception class or years 1 to 5? Make sure they get their free flu vaccine.

For most children the flu vaccine is not an injection, just a quick nasal spray.

Pregnant women
If you’re pregnant, no matter how many weeks, you’re eligible for a free flu vaccine. Flu can cause serious complications for pregnant women and their unborn child. The free flu jab offers the best protection.

Underlying health conditions
Flu can be serious in children and adults with an underlying health condition. 

If you have an underlying health condition like bronchitis, diabetes or heart disease, make sure you get your free flu vaccine.

People with a underlying health condition should have the free flu vaccine.

People with heart conditions, chronic heart disease, angina or those who have suffered strokeshould should have the flu jab. 

People with lung diseases like bronchitis, emphysema or asthma can get their free flu jab

People with heart, lung or kidney disease can get their free flu jab.

People aged 65 and over
If you’re 65 and over, make sure you get your free flu vaccine. Visit your GP or local pharmacy to find out more

If you are the main carer for someone who is elderly or disabled, speak to your GP or pharmacist about having a flu vaccine along with the person you care for.

Healthcare Professionals
If you’re a healthcare professional, it’s important to get your free flu vaccine to help protect your patients.