Time of Your Life

Time of your life


West Hampshire CCG has launched a new 10-part guide aimed at people approaching retirement. The guide highlights the importance of planning for retirement and is split into 10 key areas, such as:

  • Keeping in touch with friends and family
  • Getting finances in good order
  • Staying active
  • Being healthy and well.

Dr Sarah Schofield, Chairman of West Hampshire CCG, said: “If you are going through any major life event, and we are talking about retirement, then being prepared  will help reduce stress and possible illness.

“It’s about  things that might impact on your health -  like finances, being creative, and how you keep you social life busy and remain part of the community. If people are lonely or inactive or if they are not planning for the future then people are potentially vulnerable and may become unwell.”

For each of the 10 points we've produced a short 1-2 minute video featuring GPs, charities and local people highlighting some of the key points. 

For instance, there is a contribution from Marie O’Brien, the musical director of  Winchester Fusion Choir, who outlines the benefits of being creative into your retirement years. She said: “Everyone is welcome here. Come to a choir like ours and you’ve got instant community and it can really lift your spirits. Singing is a wonderful way to express yourself and you get to meet so many fabulous people.”  

The guide was developed in collaboration with clinicians at Lymington Hospital, and includes prompts and ideas as well as links to useful organisations to help people prepare for their retirement. 


Here are some useful links: 

Here are some useful links: 

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