Urgent healthcare services

The CCG is pleased to announce that two new-style urgent health care services are being opened across West Hampshire in the summer of 2019.

The two services bring together a range of urgent care services in one place simplifying services and making them more accessible to local people.

The services are called:

1. Extended and Urgent Primary Care Services

Patients will be able to access routine and urgent appointments with a range of healthcare professionals such as a GP, nurse, healthcare assistant, mental health practitioner and physio in the evenings and at weekends at a variety of hubs across West Hampshire. These appointments will be accessible through the patients GP practice or NHS 111.

The new services will offer a seamless service for both routine and urgent appointments and will enable clinicians to provide a higher quality of service through being able to access the patients records during the consultation. The clinician working within the service will be able to offer the same level of care that you would receive within your own GP practice.

These will be based at:

  • Romsey
  • Hedge End
  • Winchester

2. Urgent Treatment Centres in West Hampshire

In addition to the EUPCS service the UTC will also provide a minor injury service that as part of an integrated service with the EUPCS. This service will provide a range of diagnostics such as x-rays for patients where clinically appropriate. The current service offers a predominately walk-in access route however the new service will be accessible via booking through your own GP practice or booking a slot for an injury or illness via NHS 111. This will avoid the need for patients to walk-in and potentially experience a long wait.

These will be based at:

  • Andover
  • Lymington with satellite hub at Ringwood

Contracts for the Extended and Urgent Primary Care Services have been awarded to:

  • Winchester: Awarded to Partnering Health Ltd, to be located in Winchester;
  • Eastleigh Southern Parishes, including Winchester Rural South: Awarded to Eastleigh Southern Parishes Network, to be located at Hedge End Medical Centre;
  • Eastleigh North & Test Valley South and Totton & Waterside: Awarded to Tri Locality Care Ltd, to be located at Abbeywell Surgery (Nightingale Site), Romsey and Testvale Surgery, Totton.

Contracts for the Urgent Treatment Centres have been awarded to:

Lymington, including Extended and Urgent Primary Care Service for Avon Valley: Awarded to Partnering Health Ltd, to be located at Lymington New Forest Hospital with a satellite hub in Ringwood;

Andover; a preferred provider for the provision of the Andover UTC was not secured through the procurement process. The CCG is now working with the 3 incumbent providers; Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Partnering Health Ltd and Mid Hampshire Healthcare to co-design a service model for the delivery of the UTC in July 2019;

In Southampton, the model is for a stand-alone unit at the Royal South Hants Hospital, which will see patients with a range of minor injury and illness conditions and is open to West Hampshire patients via NHS 111 or as a walk-in.  The contract has been awarded to Care UK.

The new services will be operational from 1 July 2019 (1 August 2019 for UTC at RSH) and the CCG will be working with providers to ensure a smooth transition from current to future service provision.